Alfa 164 Diagostics software

(Special software made by a 164 Register-teammember Wilco. Thank You Wilco!)

Current version is: 1.0.15

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What it currently can do:

*Read errorcodes from:

*Motronic ML4.1 (untested) << 1993
*Motronic 1.7 all 24V and TS >= 1993 i think
*Motronic 3.7 Q4 All versions
*Airbag (with the 2 sensors under the hood)
*ABS All types

read sensors from :
*Motronic ML4.1 (untested)
*Motronic 1.7
*Motronic 3.7

It has a chart on which you current sensor values are shown.
Dashboard view (like the 164 instrument panel)


What you need:

A Windows based pc, XP or higher with a free USB port
a VAG-COM cable. Can be found on Ebay

I made a special driver with adjusted settings for Alfa164Diagnostics.
Download driver
Use the file ftdiport.inf to install the driver.

You also need the convertor from standard obd to the Alfa 3 pole connector.
You can find it here Convertor
Install the driver, put the USB cable in and connect it to the car.

And finaly the downloadlink for the program itself.
Current version is: 1.0.15

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