Basically the 164 went through one major facelift in 1993 when the first series model was replaced by the FL(FaceLift)/ Super series.
The only difference between the FL and the Super are some parts of the bodywork; bumpers and sidepanels.

Within both of the models certain minor modifications took place.Within this topic we'll discuss the evolution of the first series.

Initially the 164 came out in 1987 with only 2 enginetypes; the 3V6, the TSpark and in 1988 followed by the 4 cylinder Turbo (borrowed from Lancia)
and the TD. None of these versions had a catalyst convertor up till 1989.
At that time the world urged for a cleaner environment and the 164's sacrified some horsepower to forfill this need.

Up till late 1989, the 164 had the ribbon type toggleswitches for windows and doors,
but those switches had such a high failrate that they were replaced by the ones we all know until the very end of production.

Another modification that was made in 1989 was the replacement of the false firewall; the "undercarpet"type of material was replaced by the tinfoil coating that lasted the rest of the productionprocess.

The position of the fuellid opening button moved fairly quickly as well; a lot of complaints about unwanted fuellid-opening-by-knee made the 164 engineers move the button to the panel above the aircondition panel.

Also improvements were implemented under the hood. The famous G154; the connector that connects the engine electronics to the vehicle electronics
was modified as well.
The first one, which was hooked up until late 1990 was of the "squeeze and pull" type.
The lockingmechanism had the tendency to break and it was easy accessible for water and heat.
G154 was later on moved to underneath the plastic cover that's behind the false firewall and protects the aircondition equipment.

All the first series 164 without A/C had a mechanical drive for the rotation of the ventilationdrum.
All vehicles with A/C and all the FL's and Supers with and without A/C had the 2 electrical steppermotors.