The factory was just as special as the 164 itself. Fiat has build a completely new production line in the Italian Arese. Here the production was done by many robot's.
At this time it was the most modern production line.

There were 370 plates pressed and 58 robots put 2,500 of the 4,000 welds needed to safely and securely make the body.

Even paintspraying was done by robots.

The entire assembly line looked like this:

After the 164's came out of the factory, each of them did a lap around the circuit to test all systems, including the brakes.

After the 164 there are more cars built in the same factory. A full list of cars can be found here . Over time the work went to other factories of Fiat, especially to Turin. A the same time as the stop of the production of Alfa's V6 engines, the factory was completely closed in 2005, leaving many prototypes behind.

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After many years the ghost factory became a shelter for the homeless.
They burned many unique drawings, diagrams and documents to keep warm.
The factory is on the demolition list.