Alfa Romeo 169? Research for a replacement for the 164 began in 1990, when Alfa was only interested in a new edition of the Pininfarina design.
Because of this fact, the project received the name 164 RT (Restyling Total, freely translated out of Italian)
The project codes were 934 (proposal of Pininfarina) and the 935 (proposed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo).
The last one was chosen for further development.

The proposal of Pininfarina

But the management of FIAT, and in general the CEO Paolo Cantarella, suddenly wanted a completely new car
resulting in project 936: the Alfa 166 was born.

The Super in the eyes of Impressionist Giorgio Alisi.
The Super had to be tested. Mostly because of the new equipment that was put on it. Consider the climate control panel and ABS.
Also modernised interior was tested for cracking and such sort.
Off cource the testing couldn't give the appearance away. They hid this very subtle, even the minimal difference in the Alfa-heart on the grille had to be concealed with tape.

Because the shelves are littered with elements of the first type, there was a Facelift version (FL) released first. These were identical to the Super, only it had the door panels and bumpers of the first type.
For the facelift version interchangeable parts were used of the first type and the Super. The FL models were therefore almost never equal to each other, one had ABS and the other did not. Also different ABS systems were used interchangeably.
[photo FL]
Exterior of the first type and the headlights of the Super characterize the FL.