The Alfa 164 Procar V10 was specialy made for a new raceclass, the Production Car Formula.
Unfortunatly this class was already cancelled before this 'monster 164' saw the light of day.

When it was introduced Ricardo Patrese was alowed to make some laps at the Italian cirquit of Monza. In that same weekend there would be a Formula 1 race.
Funny enough, the highest speed that weekend was measured at 329 km/u (205,6 miles per hour) which could be noted to the Alfa 164.

The 164 ProCar could be considered a 'silhouette racer': it had only the appearence of a Alfa 164,
but underneath that scin there was a pure Grand Prix frame. The V10 engine profided 600 hp was a self-supporting part of the frame.

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