After a successful launch in Europe, it was time for the 164 to be introduced in the rest of the world.
There were initially three models chosen for only the USA, who later also were intended for the rest of the "non-European" market.
These was the 164, the 164L (Luxious or Lusso) and 164S (Sport).
Later, after the release of the 24v engines the 164LS and 164Q (Quadrifoglio) were added.

164S as test car in the USA.
All models had and V6 12v engine.
The difference between the 164 and 164L 164L was that the ABS was an option and an alarm system. The 164L had standard leather upholstery, which was an option for the 164.
The 164S is equal to the European QV, so is the engine.

After the introduction of the V6 24v engine the 164L was released as well as the 164LS with the only difference being the engine.
The 164Q is equal to the European QV 24v, which is even rarer than the European version.
Non-European  European
164V6 12v (geen ABS)
164LV6 12v Lusso (ABS, leder)
164SQV 12v
164LSV6 24v Super
164QQV 24v

Side-reflectors in the bumpers.

What especialy characterizes these models are the side-reflectors in the bumpers. These are manditory in the USA.
The 164S and Q-models had a characterized rear spoiler with intergraded third brakelight.

Characterized rear spoiler for the 164S.

The L, LS, S and Q models were solt in 12 countries,
later also the Super was sold in different versions.

A 164LS Super.

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