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Cat. Title Description Language
SupersOwners Manual for Super models in Dutch    Go
ViscomaticWiring diagram for the Q4's Viscomatic    Go
Complete 3.0 V6 24v EngineEnginemaintenance and overhaul repair manual for the 24v engine    Go
Complete TD engineEnginemaintenance and overhaul repair manual for the TD engine    Go
Complete 2.0 TS engineEnginemaintenance and overhaul repair manual for the 2.0 TS engine    Go
3.0 V6 24v ProductbulletinProductbulletin for V6 24v (1994 50 state and Canada version)    Go
Q4 Productbulletin (English)Q4 Productbulletin (English)    Go
Q4 productbulletin (German)Q4 productbulletin (German)    Go
Timingbelt 24vServicebulletin for the V6 24v engine, timingbelt    Go
Oil ServiceComplete Oil service for Q4.    Go
Q4 ConnectorsConnector-sheet for the Q4.    Go
Q4 Undercarriage SettingsData for lining the Q4.    Go
Motronic 3.7 PinoutPinout for Q4's motronic    Go
Motronic 3.7Complete wiring diagram for Motronic 3.7    Go
Q4 ABSDiagram for the Anti Blocking System of the Q4.    Go
Instruments Q4Electrical diagram for the instuments in the Q4    Go
Instrument PanelDiagram on the Q4's instrument panel.    Go
Recaro SeatsDiagram for the ergonomic Recaro Seats    Go
Motronic 1.7Complete wiring diagram for Motronic 1.7    Go
Motronic Bosch MSA11Complete diagram for Motronic MSA11    Go
Motronic Bosch MSA6Complete diagram for Motronic MSA6    Go
TD PerspectiveOverview TD    Go
Q4 PerspectiveOverview Q4    Go
ABSDiagram for the ABS    Go
AirbagDiagram for Airbag's    Go
AircoDiagram for the airco system (climate control)    Go
AlarmDiagram for the alarm system    Go
AlfacodeDiagram for the Alfacode    Go
Electronic Automatic TransmissionDiagram for Automatic Transmissionbox (CAE)    Go
CarphoneDiagram for the carphone    Go
ConnectorsOverview from all the connectors in the car    Go
Control Units and RelaisDiagram for all control units    Go
Defogging systemDiagrams for the defogging system    Go
DoorlockDiagrams for the central locking system    Go
Fan, Engine Radiator and Climatization system Condensor CoolingDiagrams for the airco's hardware    Go
FoglampsDiagrams for the Foglights, front and rear    Go
Fuse BoxDiagrams for the Fuse Box    Go
GroundsAll the grounds in the car.    Go
HornsDiagrams for the horns    Go
RadioDiagrams for the radio-bay    Go
Motronic M1.7 Injection and Ignition system    Go
Motronic ML1.7 (1)TS specific    Go
Motronic ML1.7 (2)TS specific    Go
CigarlighterDiagram for the Cigarlighter    Go
Cruise Control SystemDiagram for the Cruise Control System    Go
Front Windows - Electric openingDiagram for the electric windows, front    Go
Cables ChaudsDiagrams for hotwiring    Go
Instrument PanelDiagrams for the instrument panel    Go
Internal LightsDiagrams of Internal lighting - Miscellaneous dome, Open door switches, Rheostat controlled lights.    Go
Key to WiringKey (or legend) for the electrical diagrams on this site.    Go
Lamps and WarningsDiagram for lamps: Brake, Turn signal and Hazard warning    Go
Power DistributionDiagram for Power Distribution    Go
Power Mirror AdjustmentDiagram for the electric adjustable outside mirrors.    Go
Rear Windows - Electric openingDiagram for the electric windows, rear    Go
Reverse lamps and Electrochromatic rearview mirrorDiagram for Reverse lamps and Automatic blinding rearview mirror.    Go
Seat - AdjustmentDiagram for the electric adjustable seats.    Go
Seat - HeatingDiagram for the heated seats.    Go
Starting and RechargingDiagram for the starter and dynamo.    Go
SunroofDiagram for the Sunroof    Go
Controlled damping suspensionDiagram for the controlled damping suspension (SCS)    Go
Trunk and Fuel door - Electric openingDiagram for the electric opening of the bootlid and fuel door.    Go
Windshield wipers/washers - Headlamp washersDiagram for the windshield wipers, the windshield washers and the headlight washers.    Go
Legend ServicemanualsThese are the first pages of the 164 servicemanuals.<br><br>All the servicemanuals in this legend are elsewhere to be found on this website.    Go
Legend Servicemanuals (Q4 only)These are the first pages of the 164 Q4 servicemanuals.<br><br>All the servicemanuals in this legend are elsewhere to be found on this website.    Go
Complete Car (V6 24v)Servicemanual - Complete car<br> 3.0 V6 24v    Go
Complete Car (Q4)Servicemanual - Complete car<br> Q4    Go
Complete Car (V6 12v)Servicemanual - Complete car<br> 3.0 V6 12v    Go
Complete Car (2.0 TB)Servicemanual - Complete car<br> 2.0 V6 TB    Go
Complete Car (2.0 TS)Servicemanual - Complete car<br> 2.0 TwinSpark    Go
Complete Car (2.5 TD)Servicemanual - Complete car<br> 2.5 TD    Go
Complete Car (All models)Servicemanual - Complete car<br> Mechanical units (power steering, handbrake, gearbox, differential, clutch, brakes)<br>All models    Go
Engine (V6 24v)Servicemanual - Engine<br> 3.0 V6 24v    Go
Engine (Q4)Servicemanual - Engine<br> Q4    Go
Engine (V6 12v)Servicemanual - Engine<br> 3.0 V6 12v    Go
Engine (2.0 TB)Servicemanual - Engine<br> 2.0 V6 TB    Go
Engine (2.0 TS)Servicemanual - Engine<br> 2.0 TwinSpark    Go
Engine (2.5 TD)Servicemanual - Engine<br> 2.5 TD    Go
Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem (V6 24v)Servicemanual - Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem<br> 3.0 V6 24v    Go
Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem (Q4)Servicemanual - Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem<br> Q4    Go
Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem (V6 12v)Servicemanual - Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem<br> 3.0 V6 12v    Go
Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem (2.0 TB)Servicemanual - Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem<br> 2.0 V6 TB    Go
Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem (2.0 TS)Servicemanual - Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem<br> 2.0 TwinSpark    Go
Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem (2.5 TD)Servicemanual - Engine Injection and Exhaustsystem<br> 2.5 TD    Go
Starting and Recharging (V6 24v)Servicemanual - Starting and Recharging<br> 3.0 V6 24v    Go
Starting and Recharging (Q4)Servicemanual - Starting and Recharging<br> Q4    Go
Starting and Recharging (V6 12v)Servicemanual - Starting and Recharging<br> 3.0 V6 12v    Go
Starting and Recharging (2.0 TB)Servicemanual - Starting and Recharging<br> 2.0 V6 TB    Go
Starting and Recharging (2.0 TS)Servicemanual - Starting and Recharging<br> 2.0 TwinSpark    Go
Starting and Recharging (2.5 TD)Servicemanual - Starting and Recharging<br> 2.5 TD    Go
Engine Coolingsystem (V6 24v)Servicemanual - Engine Coolingsystem<br> 3.0 V6 24v    Go
ClutchServicemanuals - Clutch<br> All models (no Q4)    Go
Engine Coolingsystem (V6 12v)Servicemanual - Engine Coolingsystem<br> 3.0 V6 12v    Go
Engine Coolingsystem (2.0 TB)Servicemanual - Engine Coolingsystem<br> 2.0 V6 TB    Go
Engine Coolingsystem (2.0 TS)Servicemanual - Engine Coolingsystem<br> 2.0 TwinSpark    Go
Engine Coolingsystem (2.5 TD)Servicemanual - Engine Coolingsystem<br> 2.5 TD    Go
Clutch (Q4)Servicemanuals - Clutch<br> Q4 only    Go
Gearbox and DifferentialServicemanuals - Gearbox and Differential<br> All models    Go
Main driveshaft (Q4)Servicemanuals -Main driveshaft<br> Q4    Go
Automatic GearboxServicemanuals - Automatic Gearbox<br>    Go
Front wheel driveServicemanuals - Front wheel drive<br> All models (No Q4)    Go
All Wheel drive (Q4)Servicemanuals - All wheel drive<br> Q4 only    Go
SuspensionServicemanuals - Suspension<br> All models (No Q-models)    Go
Suspension (Q4)Servicemanuals - Suspension<br> Q4 only    Go
BrakesServicemanuals - Brakes<br> All models (No Q4)    Go
Brakes (4)Servicemanuals - Brakes<br> Q4 only    Go
Steering and SteeringwheelServicemanuals - Steering and Steeringwheel<br> All models (No Q4)    Go
Steering and Steeringwheel (Q4)Servicemanuals - Steering and Steeringwheel<br> Q4 only    Go
WheelsServicemanuals - Wheels<br> All models (No Q4)    Go
Wheels (Q4)Servicemanuals - Wheels<br> Q4 only    Go
Electrical SystemServicemanuals - Electrical System<br> All models (No Q4)    Go
Electrical System (Q4)Servicemanuals - Electrical system<br> Q4 only    Go
Dashboard and Central unitsServicemanuals - Dashboard and Central units<br> All models    Go
BodyServicemanuals - Body<br> All models (No Q4)    Go
Body (Q4)Servicemanuals - Body<br> Q4 only    Go
DoorsServicemanuals - Doors<br> All models    Go
Bonnet and BootlidServicemanuals - Bonnet and Bootlid<br> All models    Go
Interior fittingsServicemanuals - Interior fittings<br> All models    Go
Exterior fittingsServicemanuals - Exterior fittings<br> All models    Go
AirconditioningServicemanuals - Airconditioning<br> All models    Go