New to 164 ownership...just bought a 164 Q4 !!!

For al the general information about the 164.
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New to 164 ownership...just bought a 164 Q4 !!!

Post by sanddancer » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:44 am

Thought id say hello and introduce my new car, im sure im going to be needing some help !!!

I live in Vancouver, Canada and have just bought a bit of a dream car of mine a 164 Q4. I found it in Japan and it arrives here in about 3 weeks .

Its a black on black car with dark red door inserts and has only 83k kms from seems in good condition ???
The vin # is ZAR16400006304974.

Any information on build date etc would be greatly appreciated. I am also planning on doing a full cam blet service as soon as it arrives.....what parts do i need and where can i buy the parts from.


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Re: New to 164 ownership...just bought a 164 Q4 !!!

Post by alfa east » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:04 pm

According to below stats, yours rolled off the assembly line 1994:

Chassis Numbers
Year1 Model Chassis (tel.) Number Range
1987 Tipo 164 A2 (Twin Spark) ZAR164A20*00001011 - ZAR164A20*00003300
Tipo 164 A (V6) ZAR164A00*00001011 - ZAR164A00*00001420
Tipo 164 A1 (2.5 Turbodiesel) ZAR164A10*00001011 - ZAR164A10*00002570
1988 Tipo 164 A2 (Twin Spark) ZAR164A20*00003301 - ZAR164A20*00014200
ZAR164A20*06000001 - ZAR164A20*06009000
ZAR164A20*06100001 - ZAR164A20*06110800
Tipo 164 A (V6) ZAR164A00*00001421 - ZAR164A00*00003650
Tipo 164 A1 (2.5 Turbodiesel) ZAR164A10*00002571 - ZAR164A10*00008900
Tipo 164 A2B (2.0i Turbo) ZAR164A20*00250011 - ZAR164A20*00253450
ZAR164A20*06000001 - ZAR164A20*06009000
1989 all ZAR164000*06110801 - ZAR164000*06169799
1990 all ZAR164000*06169800 - ZAR164000*06214999
1991 all ZAR164000*06215000 - ZAR164000*06253900
1992 all ZAR164000*06253901 - ZAR164000*06278800
1993 all ZAR164000*06278801 - ZAR164000*06298100
1994 all ZAR164000*06298101 - ZAR164000*06314600
1995 all ZAR164000*06314601 - ZAR164000*06324900
1996 all ZAR164000*06324901 - ZAR164000*--------

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Re: New to 164 ownership...just bought a 164 Q4 !!!

Post by Alfan » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:24 pm

Welcome :) I guess the wait for opening the container can be long! Photos will be much appreciated.

Regarding parts I suggest you look here for what and where to order, as you are located in North America" onclick=";return false;

Those parts are the same, as for the other 24V 164's. You can also search this site for some information on parts, as some are specific to the Q4, e.g. the intake hose.
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