Error in format?

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Error in format?

Post by Porto » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:13 pm

For a long time I've got this particular problem with only the .com site
This happens with IE and with Chrome browser.

This is with 100% zoom:


And this is when I zoom the website to 105 percent, all is well then:

AR GT 3.2l V6 24v Sport Coupé 'Distinctive', maart 2005, nero (current Bella)
AR 164 3.0l V6 24v Q4, jan 1996, proteo rosso (current Bella)
AR 164 TDi Super, VM032B, july 1996, silver (sold)
AR 164 TDi Super, VM032B, nov 1995, dark blue (scrapped)

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