Finding front shock absorber !

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Finding front shock absorber !

Post by Alfa168 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:07 pm

Feel frustrated for a few months already because we couldn’t find any parts available! Does anyone know any source?

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Re: Finding front shock absorber !

Post by mm20012010 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 1:51 am

Hi, nice to meet you. I am Paolo, I live in Boston but I am Italian. I have an Alfa Romeo 164 24v 1995.
The shock absorbers/coilovers are the same for the 3.0 12v and the 3.0 24v, I carefully watched the diagram/picture in the microfiche as well as compared the AR Alfa Romeo original numbers/codes.

Apart from the Q4 sold with the electronic shocks and, I assume, ANY version were the electronic shocks were installed even as an option (as my version, or maybe the Quadrifoglio too, but I am not 100%)
I just bought from AMR Engineering 4 sporting adjustable coilovers. Not extremely expensive but not that cheap too. It took a few months (5, exactly, since I placed my order) before they were shipped. I am now close to install them.

Still, I think this is not what you are looking for.... to respond to your questions straightforwardly, I came back from Italy recently and there I was able to find several parts at a much lower price (original Bosch starter, from Germany, Magneti Marelli alternator, etc).

The 24v was sold mostly in Germany and in England, but here you can find the shocks for the 12v and the 24v as well.

First... here you can find the number of the engine of your 164 version (sorry, it is all in Italian :lol: : (mine is AR 66302)

BTW... just found this, original Alfa Romeo front shock: ... i/49381477

this guy gives also the code, very important.

Also here, front shocks:

in euros, taxes included, shipping is not

here too, although crazily expensive: ... p?idp=5439

again, the code is important: 60598997

Using the code, in google, you can find this, MONROE, usually good replacement parts: ... 574_1.html



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