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Idle, accelerating, backfire, startup problems.

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Idle, accelerating, backfire, startup problems.

Postby Alfa89 » Mon May 15, 2017 1:34 pm

Hi all, I drive a European 164 T. Spark 4 cylinder. Last week I failed my safety inspection due to the engine having too much oil residue (i had spilled it during an oil change and guess I missed a few spots). I took the car to a car was, sprayed the engine down with de-greaser and pressure washed the engine compartment and undercarriage while leaving the engine running. I drive the car the rest of the day with no problems turning it on and starting it several times. That was a Friday. The car day sat in my garage the rest of the weekend and on Monday when I went to leave for work it cranked a bit longer than usual before starting and idled very low. It died several times getting up the ramp of my parking garage and once I got on flat ground it would barely accelerate and backfire terribly. I started smelling something similar to fireworks or sulfur and decided it best to turn around. Made it back home and coasted into my parking spot. The temp, oil pressure, and fuel gauges all read normal and no warning lights were on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm assuming either something electrical or a sensor?
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