164L Project: Oil Pan and Valve Noise

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164L Project: Oil Pan and Valve Noise

Post by Dichirico » Tue May 22, 2012 2:26 pm

Good morning everyone,

I'm about to take the plunge and buy a 1991 164L with 148,000 miles but am undecided. There are lots of issues with this specimen, starting with a punctured/cracked oil pan, knocking valves, clutch almost out, and hard starting. Cosmetically it's a wreck, but it has straight body panels and no dents or dings really, a few smashed lens', although I'm not buying it for $1000US for looks (no offense, it has elegance!) It all seems to be there; I guess I'm looking for some encouragement. After all, I could go spend 50,000 on a new BMW and only get 1/50th of the Farfignughen. But am I getting into a maintenance nightmare?

I have a fairly good idea I'm in for a lot of pain, starting with the oil pan. I was told it is the deep variety (Early '91?) Is this aluminium? and can I have it welded while on the engine? I understand the removal process is difficult, and I'm not a fan of JB Weld! The lower bearings sounded OK...another 164 owner said he had it welded??? But that seems risky with aluminium...

But I suspect that the gaping hole in the pan is creating significant pressure loss, contributing to startup difficullty. Engine was cold, but ran smooth after it started, except for the top end tapping, which was troubling in itself.

I've done some great valve adjustments in the past with my BMWs, but not with valves requiring shims. Obviously we are talking about a world of differences, but is this a difficult process? I have read that the intakes on the V6 12v has shims, but the exhaust does not?

Frankly, I don't understand why this model is not more popular. Even in the condition it was in, I drove it about 100 feet in the parking lot (after filling it with oil - temporarily) and fell in love instantly! No purring; it ROARS! and my head almost snapped off my neck.

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Re: 164L Project: Oil Pan and Valve Noise

Post by sportston » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:56 pm

sounds like you have a project car on your hands. Yes you'll love it, but you'll hate it at times too (usually when you get a bill for parts or servicing).
Sump could be welded. Tappets can be adjusted, but inlet are shimmed which is a pain in the harris. Get it running right though and you'll wonder why everyone doesn't pick an alfa instead of a merc or beemer.

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