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Re: Alfa 164 2.0V6 TB Super (1995) - MikeCZ

Post by Alfan » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:32 am

Thanks for sharing, nice photos and I am sure it got attention :)
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Re: Alfa 164 2.0V6 TB Super (1995) - MikeCZ

Post by MikeCZ » Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:23 pm

Indeed it did :)
In last few months I was still fighting with some issues - car had less power and higher fuel consumpion then it should. Although at first I suspected turbocharging issue, after some digging it turned out to be problem with ignition. Cables on distributor were switched for 1st and 2nd cylinder. Which was surprising finding, because I did not disconnect them from distributor during disassembly - they were sucked in to distributor, so I took that off as one part, and when assembling I put cable with ignition sensor automatically in to spark in 1st cyllinder. Don't know why before engine repair it was working quite ok, but not afterwards. Anyway now I connected them correctly, changed spark plugs (just in case) and it started to work Ok - power is back (approximately :)) and fuel consumption seems also back to normal.

This weekend it also moved to new garage... in Poland.
And today I finally managed to clean the leater with combination of clener + sealant DJ supernatural. I think that the difference is quite visible :)
(photo taken before applying sealant)
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Re: Alfa 164 2.0V6 TB Super (1995) - MikeCZ

Post by AlfaWhiz » Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:38 pm

Great work Mike, seats look spotless! Very impressive 8) and welcome to PL, greetings from Wroclaw 8)

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