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Display units

For parts only.

Display units

Postby Porto » Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:14 am


For sale is an 100% refurbished display unit for the Super versions and the 24v QV/Q4.

This unit has been repaired with a new flatcable for the display and the three lightbulbs, for the backlight, are replaced with green Highbright LED's for less heat circulation (which is one of the causes the flatcable is coming loose after some years) and longer lasting life.

Price is 150 euro EXCL shipping to your country from Holland.

If you are interested in this offer you can contact me by PM.

Regards... Porto

(example unit):

AR GT 3.2l V6 24v Sport Coupé 'Distinctive', maart 2005, nero (current Bella)
AR 164 3.0l V6 24v Q4, jan 1996, proteo rosso (current Bella)
AR 164 TDi Super, VM032B, july 1996, silver (sold)
AR 164 TDi Super, VM032B, nov 1995, dark blue (scrapped)
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Re: Display units

Postby AlfaWhiz » Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:23 pm

I am a proud possessor of a new unit from Porto and I have to give a testimonial to his skills... The display is flawless, hands down. Works like a charm.


To anyone interested in having their display refurbished, I highly recommend Porto's service! This is a first-hand experience, very happy with the results.

Many thanks! :D
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