Please read before posting

For parts only.
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Please read before posting

Post by ALFAHEIDA » Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:54 am

The General Conditions apply. In addition there to:

In the section For sale to Alfa enthousiasts their Alfa Romeo related business services. Placing ads is free. There are some additional conditions.

The additional conditions for the forum section For Sale are:

1. Ads not Alfa related by a commercial advertiser or placed without further notice removed.
A few examples
What's alowed:
Alfa Romeo parts
Tools and articles to the extent appropriate for maintenance Alfa Romeo
Items such as Alfa Books, thumbnails, brochures, etc.
Generic, for the use of the car needed, components such as wheels, bucket seats, brake discs provided indicating the type referred to Alfa.

What's not alowed:
Things that are not in the above list
Business services if you do not own the vendors are.
Advertisements of companies. Business advertisers can contact the webmaster, see the contact page.
Parties or departure commercial quantities a broom to sweep clean Alfa garage into 'such and farfetched constructions

2. Up to three new ads a week. Do you offer more, then combine things in an ad.

3. It is not allowed through tricks to gain extra attention, such as using words in capital letters or punctuation sequences, or by 'upping' the post within one week.

4. Other users can respond to the ad. Comments may be critical, but not with a negative effect.

5. 'Piggybacking' in the advertisement of another is not allowed, make your own ad.
In doubtful cases the moderators decide. When a seller repeatedly brakes the rules of advertisement, the moderators can remove all ads from the user.
Tips: a clear topic title interested in attracting more attention, given the extent of application type, date, section, etc. If you offer an Alfa, stated as much information, year, mileage, MOT, price target. An ad without clear pictures has little value.
Set 'sold' in your topic title (can in the opening post by change'' 'button) when you've sold your stuff.

Thank you!


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Re: Please read before posting

Post by fasani » Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:15 pm

Edit complete.
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