Need a lot of parts for 164 Q4/QV

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Need a lot of parts for 164 Q4/QV

Post by finalfa » Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:06 am

Hello, I need a lot of parts for my Q4. Some parts from a QV/Super may fit as well. If you have anything or know where I can get all this, pm me please. Thanks.
The parts I need:
-Oil pan for Engine (24v)
-Oil pump assembly (24v)
-Oil filter and engine bracket/mounting
-Engine mounting bracket
-Air duct hose (Q4 specific)
-AFM Throttle body (Q4 specific)
-Front coil springs
-ABS pump block
-Brake booster
-Brake master cylinder
-Brake fluid container
-Coolant hard pipe (The one that goes between the heads)
-Fuel pump
-Air box
-Starter motor
-Steering angle sensor

And probably a lot more.
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Re: Need a lot of parts for 164 Q4/QV

Post by Alfan » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:44 pm

Seems like you have quite some work in front of you! :)

-Air duct hose (Q4 specific)
I assume you mean this?

If you have the parts numbers, I think it will be easier for people to respond to your request.
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