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by alfisty
Mon Aug 28, 2023 7:15 pm
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Topic: Q4 Viscomatic pressure akkumulator
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Q4 Viscomatic pressure akkumulator

Hello everyone My Q4 had the problem that the four-wheel drive light came on after about an hour of driving. Error "Hydraulic pressure, fluctuation too large" This error then appeared more and more frequently. First I changed the oil and also cleaned the rear filter element. Finally, I rep...
by alfisty
Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:07 am
Forum: Alternative parts
Topic: 24V serpentine belt idler pulley bearing
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Re: 24V serpentine belt idler pulley bearing

I have make me some new one. Here are the drawing.
by alfisty
Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:58 pm
Forum: Wanted!
Topic: trailer hitch for Q4
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trailer hitch for Q4

I search a trailer hitch for Q4
I hope somebody can help me.
by alfisty
Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:37 pm
Forum: For sale (Parts)
Topic: Modul for Ferrari Alfa Lancia Fiat Marelli Tester
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Modul for Ferrari Alfa Lancia Fiat Marelli Tester

menu in german (D): MA1B, Bosch Motronic ML 4.1/ L-Jetronic L 3.2 ; Alfa 164/75/33/Spider MF1A, Marelli IAW 04F.07 ; Ferrari F40 ohne Kat MF1B, Marelli IAW 04F.07, 04F/40, 04F/50 ; Ferrari F40 mit Kat M1C, Marelli Weber, SPI-GM ; Fiat Croma/Tipo MA2A, Bosch ABS 2E/2K ; Alfa 33/145/155 MF2A, Bilstein...