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by Pesherton
Wed Sep 21, 2022 9:59 am
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Topic: Another Swede
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Another Swede

Hi dear chaps! New both in the respect of forum participant and 164 owner, though some alfas have passed my way before this very one. My name is Pär, 37 years of age and residing in Sweden. Just took delivery of a 1997 164 2.0tb with 75.000km. It's been standing still for 2 years so seem to be needi...
by Pesherton
Sun Sep 18, 2022 9:33 pm
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Topic: Alfa 164 2.0 v6 tb - How many were made?
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Alfa 164 2.0 v6 tb - How many were made?

Good evening,

New to the forum, and as 164 owner. The alfa virus got me contaminated a lot earlier though.. :wink:

Curious - does anyone here know how many 164’s that were made with the 2-litre v6 turbo? Also keen to know in which countries they were sold.

Kind regards
Pär, Sweden