Rules and regulations on our Alfa Romeo 164

For al the general information about the 164.
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Rules and regulations on our Alfa Romeo 164

Post by ALFAHEIDA » Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:43 pm

House Rules

---------- Some agreements regarding the use of

1) Subscribe to the Alfa Romeo 164 Register, post and reply to topics is permitted to everyone. Everyone has to fill in his profile by truth. Please keep the topics clear and no nonsense in the free fields.

2) Dubious or offensive Names (Nicknames) are not allowed. Interpretation of this is to managers of the Alfa Romeo Discussion is NOT possible.

3) Naturally, no messages with offensive content shall be posted. Disagreement between users can never be spoken out on the, only through email. If there is a problem with a particular visitor, report it to one of the moderators / administrators.

4) The use of the QUOTE button is ONLY intended for a piece of text from one of the previous writers to repeat it and respond to that content. It is not intended to use the QUOTE button when you want to reply, just use the REPLY button.

5) Incendiary avatars are removed. User gets one warning, after another incident the account will be deleted.

6) Administrators (Moderators) of the reserve the right to move or delete misplaced comments or postings.

7) The does not allow to use this board to harm/slander other forums / sites in any form whatsoever.

7a) Members from the who harm/slander in any form on other forums and / or sites will be removed and banned without explanation. Interpretation of this is to the Moderators of the

8) Spam is not allowed. If you want to advertise on our website, you can place a link to its relevant section. After several sites of spam you get banned from the board. What Spam is, is defined by the

9) Use the search function when you start a new topic to see if there already exists a topic on the subject. If so, then post your message in that topic. Duplicate postings will be removed.

10) Enter your topic title clearly, and post your subject in the appropriate section please.

11) Do not place images in your caption, which disturbs the list of topics. A short text is allowed of course.

12) Specify the source and copyright holder if you show/post a picture or a part of an article on the forum place. The 'source' is the place where you found the photo or article you have posted for instance <a href=""></a>. With copyright holder we mean the legal owner, such as a car magazine, website or photographer. The indication is preferably through a link.

13) Make your posts easy to read for other visitors. No unnecessary capitalization. So try as much as possible in 'normal English' writing.

14) This Regulation is on immediately and the board may modify or change these Rules at any time. The users will be personally informed.

15) Any user of Alfa Romeo 164 must comply these rules.

16) In violation of Article 15 the IP address of the user can be blocked or removed.

Disclaimer ------------------------------ ------------------- ------------

1. Alfa Romeo 164 cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the activities at the forum. The use of the website and forum is at your own risk! Alfa Romeo 164 - also includes owners, managers and employees - cannot be held liable for the conduct of the members and visitors. Under the “conduct” also means the posting of articles, reports, comments and pictures, both of themselves and others scanned images.

2. The administrator (s) of the forum reserve the right to request IP addresses, if needed.

3. Alfa Romeo 164 give any personal information to third parties, but can still pass it on to judicial authorities if this becomes necessary.

4. Posting messages, articles, and information (whether self-scanned) images to personal responsibility.

5. Posting quotations from articles and / or images of others using deep linking (inline linking) is intended to inform members and visitors with the aim to start discussions about the article or placed images.

6. The copyright rights are still reserved to the rightful owner (= the copyright holder) of the article and / or images, except where the images of visitors Alfa Romeo 164 is the owner and to Alfa Romeo 164 (for publication) has transferred.

7. The responsibility of the ability to deep link or inline links to third party lies with the parties themselves. If third parties inline linking or deep linking to articles and / or images are not old, either they themselves avoid using the appropriate Internet technologies.

8. Footage which a visitor or member of Alfa Romeo 164 own property and transferred it to Alfa Romeo 164 will always be posted anonymously, unless the owner requests it to himself by name to be mentioned.

9. It is impossible for Alfa Romeo 164 to the conduct of members and visitors and all articles and images on accuracy check. If an article and images that had not posted may be posted but we ask are the rightful owner of the article and / or images to report it to us so we can immediately remove. If you are offended by the behavior of a visitor or member then you can let us know so we can check for yourself whether we allow or not allow behavior. In the latter case, the visitor or member we personally about access and possibly modify or delete the message. Repeated Alfa Romeo 164 reserves the right to the “;instigator” without notice to deny access to Alfa Romeo 164 by means of “banishment”.

10.Alfa Romeo 164 is a non-commercial website. The forum is intended to inform members about current news and discussions about to start. The photos and texts on the forum than a mere quoting character.

11. By using Alfa Romeo 164 you agree with the rules and disclaimer and indemnify you and Alfa Romeo 164 previously mentioned from any liability.

The Alfa Romeo 164 Team!