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Powder coated valve covers and intake manifold for the 164 V6 Turbo

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 10:20 pm
by itsoman
Hello fellow 164 owners. I just could not go on without sharing my newly painted valve covers.

So my valve covers were looking quite old and oily. Really dirty, the intake runners were rusty and the whole engine looked quite tired because of that. So I couldn't take it anymore and decided to do something about it. So there I was disassembling the 164 on the street parking to where I live. Took apart quite a few things and took home the two valve covers, the intake manifold and the intake runners. I've cleaned the valve covers as good as I can and went on the internet to search for a sandblasting company which will bring back the beautiful look of the engine. I've found a local company that offer sandblasting and powdercoating. I've went there with the parts, the guys took a look at the parts and sent me away to find a steam pressure washer to clean the backside of the covers. As it turns out there were 30 years of oil sludge on the back side of the valve covers. So this had to be taken care of since the sand would mix with the grease like stuff and will be hard to clean. So having these cleaned (or at least I thought I had cleaned them) I went back and the guys took the parts and told me that they would call me when it's done. So the end result looks like that:

I decided to go a bit untraditional and paint the text black instead of my first thought, red.

Also I've used a brass wire brush to clean the intake runners from the rust. They turned out quite good. And while I was tearing down everything I had some time to inspect the some of the bolts that were there. It turned out that the car did have hard or at least messy life. Most of the hex bolts were overtight and the inner hex was ruined on quite a few. Along with being rusty. So a trip to the general store was made for some new stainless steel bolts. I have replaced the bolts which were holding the intake runners. The bolts on the valve covers were a rare size. M7 x 25mm length. Turns out this is not something I can just buy since no one is using these bolts around here. I had to get radical. I've ordered some M8x30 stainless bolts and these are being turned to M7x25 via a machine shop. Once I have these ready I'll share some more photos of them.

Re: Powder coated valve covers and intake manifold for the 164 V6 Turbo

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 10:24 pm
by itsoman
And here is the the 164 being tucked away for the winter next to my 166 V6 TB

Re: Powder coated valve covers and intake manifold for the 164 V6 Turbo

Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2021 6:00 pm
by Alfan
They make a very nice pair 😎

You got a good result for the valve covers 👍

Yes, that bolt size is not easy to find, I used ebay to track some down.

Re: Powder coated valve covers and intake manifold for the 164 V6 Turbo

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 9:32 am
by itsoman
Thanks, I do love both of them equally as each has its own perks and feel when driving.

And just recently(4 days ago) I have acquired another 166 V6 Turbo for parts. It came with a spare engine. So I could now try to achieve my ultimate fantasy with the 2.0 V6. I've been thinking of going 100mm sleeves and 3.0 24v heads. The end result should be 3.1 V6 24v with extremely short stroke that it rev happy. Coupled that with a turbo it should be a beast.

However I'm not sure if the 2.0 V6 block could accept 100mm liners. I'll have to consult with the machine shop which will be performing the work. But first I'll get a sample 100mm sleeve and send the engine block and sleeve to the machine shop for some measurements.