Marelli Reference Sensors

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Marelli Reference Sensors

Post by Helli »

I am offered a couple of Reference Sensors for a Marelli Tester Module.
I was asked to suggest a price for each.

Has any one an idea, how much I should offer??
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Re: Marelli Reference Sensors

Post by Alfan »

I would say that really depends on what they are for. The ones for the suspension I guess are the ones used mostly. So I guess it all comes down to how much you believe you need them - and with that said, I really have no good suggestion... apart from costing less than an actual module.
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Re: Marelli Reference Sensors

Post by alfa east »

I used to make a copy here in Bangkok for about 15 EUR (module for the automatic gear box) using a borrowed module from someone from the Dutch forum. However, we had a spare module casing/jack here already; EUR 15 was just for copying the EPROM (?) -If I remember correctly. So, this may give you a basis for a price idea.
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Re: Marelli Reference Sensors

Post by 164 TD »

I think Helli mentions the reference sensors/dummies. I my humble opinion the only sensor that could matter is the "dummy" for the airbag, but with a bit of common sense and and a multimeter all tests, including the airbagtest, can be done with other sources.

Since all the values are known for sensors, all can be measured and tested.
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