Front brake discs >10/1992

Did you find a part on another type or make car that fits the 164? We love to hear about it!
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Front brake discs >10/1992

Post by munition »

It's getting more and more difficult to find a source that can deliver new brake discs for the Super/FL models. All the known brands (ATE, BOSCH, BREMBO) show nla.

I was curious whether same sized discs are used on other cars. It seems that the Alfa 164 brake discs have the same dimension like Fiat uses in the new Tipo SW.
Fiat: ... 09-5180-41.
Alfa: ... 09-5180-10

What's your thought on this? Do I miss something? Can I give it a try and replace the discs on my 164 with the ones for the Tipo?

Appreciate any comment!
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Re: Front brake discs >10/1992

Post by AlfaWhiz »

Good question. I've heard there is an option to swap/upgrade to 166 discs and calipers or alternatively 156 GTA disc's and calipers, both with some mods (adapters etc.). I'll be looking at that when mine are due, as it has many advantages. Will let you know how it goes, but I don't think it will be soon :) Maybe someone else has an idea?
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