Another Swede

Let us get to know you. (and your 164!)
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Another Swede

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Hi dear chaps!

New both in the respect of forum participant and 164 owner, though some alfas have passed my way before this very one. My name is Pär, 37 years of age and residing in Sweden. Just took delivery of a 1997 164 2.0tb with 75.000km. It's been standing still for 2 years so seem to be needing some work to the clutch cylinder, a brakefluid pipe and minor cosmetics. Loaded with documentation.

Always had a love for the 164 since a local alfa enthusiast bought a new 164 super in the mid noughties and drove by my parents house regularly. Stood drooling outside a supermarket just to hear it start at 10 years of age :)

Well, will attach some pictures of it when it comes back from the workshop.

Ps. Does anyone here know the production numbers of the 2-litre v6 turbo version? The link in the forum seems to be out of function. Ds.
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Re: Another Swede

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Welcome in the club and congrats on your purchase! :) Post some photos of your beauty when you find time, sounds really interesting, and very low mileage as well. :)
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