Buying advise needed, can't get it out of my head

For al the general information about the 164.
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Buying advise needed, can't get it out of my head

Post by marc@164 »

Hello Alfisti,
I am new here today, but not new to the product. At the moment I am without an Alfa and this has to change. I need a 164 in my life, and I am determined to find one. The last 164 I owned was a blue 164 Super 3.0 24V while living in South Africa from 2007 to 2013. It was beautiful but developed an issue with the stearing rack shifting in the body that no-one seemed able to fix. Everytime I came out of a corner going straight, the steering wheel was out of centre, right or left. Otherwise a great car to run.

So, now back in Germany, I am looking for a 164 to cherish, collect and enjoy. My target is a QV or Q4. Can you give me advise what I should aim for? Does it matter if I go for a 12V or 24V, QV or Q4, in terms of driving pleasure and in terms of costing? They all look gorgeous, but the Q4 with Recaro seats stands out). Or should I be flexible and go for the best car on offer, no matter which one of the different Q models? Can a Q4 (they seem to be mostly available besides 12V QV) be maintained and run at a reasonable expense in the future given availability of parts, workshop supoort, etc. I have very limited time and space to work on the car myself.

There are sometimes cars on offer in Italy or Spain or elsewhere, can you comment on buying and importing from a EU country?

It is a lot to ask for, but I would be happy for any good advise.

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Re: Buying advise needed, can't get it out of my head

Post by Mashoo »


Well there are quite more v6 164 that have survived so how about saving a twin spark? I’m not sure you can be very picky but I can only speak for the Uk. As they are almost gone completely from this island. We actually have a Q4 left hand drive for sale over here at the moment. Could be worth a look? Fantastic cars what ever you choose.
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Re: Buying advise needed, can't get it out of my head

Post by Alfan »

Welcome, Marc :)

My main knowledge is on the Q4, so I am biased 8)

I prefer the 24V and that is also what you have experience on, so maybe you should stick to that. The main difference between the 24V Super and QV in handling, I think is mainly down to the electrically adjustable shock absorbers - and if they are worn, it can be a stiff ride, but they can be reconditioned. The Q4 is lowered slightly and has a better weight distribution (but also more weight), so I think this is mainly down to, how you will be driving the car - and maybe the time of year. It also has more electronics, so more to maintain.

Parts I think are not that difficult to find around the world, but actual running costs really depends on the car, you are buying! Better spend more on a better car, than more on repairs... A long and proper test drive is a must.

Finding a workshop that actually can do a proper job in your area, you will have to ask more locally, I think.

It should not be too difficult to import, companies can also help you with that.

I hope you find a 164 that you will be able to enjoy for a long time - they are quite special cars and a joy to drive :mrgreen:
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Re: Buying advise needed, can't get it out of my head

Post by pauliecarzz »

Welcome, I've owned all 3 and am a Q4 fan simply because of the better handling! the FWD cars seem to be great on the straight but are sloppy in the turns. Q4 parts are harder to find but still wouldn't deter me from going that route. Your biggest obstacle is finding a well maintained vehicle. Prices are on the rise and "usually" the right one will fetch more money so you will see a very extreme difference in pricing. the hard part is going through them to find the right car. GL!
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Re: Buying advise needed, can't get it out of my head

Post by itsoman »

Welcome to the forums. With my modest experience with the 164 I would say that the 164 Q4 is the pinnacle of that model. I still remember around 10 years ago there was a 164 Q4 being sold in here for around 2500 euros. I was drooling all over it and went on to see it probably 3 or 4 times. Like the previous posts I would suggest looking for a well maintained example. Whether it be a Q4 or a QV. Now although I really like the Q4 I do love the sound of the 12v engine, especially in the 2.0 V6 Turbo variant. But I'm biased since I own this engine in a 164 and 166. :mrgreen:

So all in all for exclusivity and sheer greatness a Q4 would probably be an awesome option.
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Re: Buying advise needed, can't get it out of my head

Post by obenhaus »

Hello Marc,

as already stated above the Q4 is the pinnacle and parts are more rare as for the other ones. Its as well rather difficult to get parts for the 24V as for the 12v. If you would like a collectors car search for a Q4, OV. If you prefer a car rather to enjoy as to collect think about a 12v. The Super 12v is the best for high speed on German autobahn because of the long gear ratio (< 6000/min at 230 km/h). Its worth more in northern Germany as the handlinmg advantage of a Q4.
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Re: Buying advise needed, can't get it out of my head

Post by munition »

I prefer the 24V version over the 12V - because I own one :D
My car is retrofitted with the bigger air intake runners from a Q4 and it has 200 HP at the wheels (dyno tested)! The 12V engine produces 180 HP, which means max. 140 HP at the wheels...


The Q4 is a great car, if everything works, e.g. the 4-wheel drive or the automatic suspension. It's easier to find a proper Porsche 996 for the price of a Q4 that is in good shape. And I think you need to be a good do-it-yourselfer when you want keep a Q4 running. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't know of any workshop which is familiar with the 4-wheel system, but there are a few workshops that can do a timing belt replacement on the 24V engine.
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